Electrochemistry plays a major role in many areas of interdisciplinary research and of industrial importance. In fact, electrochemistry is truly an assemble of multiple disciplines, involving analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, organic and organometallic chemistry, physics and materials science, just to name a few.
        With an organized, open and thoughtful approach to both the fundamentals and applications of electrochemical science and technology, our small team on Electrochemistry of Materials develops novel materials and technologies applicable to environmental problems and electrochemical energy conversion and storage processes with industrial significance.

- Borohydride oxidation reaction on metal-based carbon-supported electrocatalysts
- Three dimensional electrodes for the O2/H2O2 reduction in cathodes of low temperature fuel cells
- Development of laboratory small-scale direct borohydride fuel cell
- Functional materials for the electrolytic production of hydrogen in KOH aqueous solutions, using ionic liquids and Schiff bases as additives
- Development of laboratory small-scale optimised alkaline electrolyser
- Electrochemical domestic/industrial wastewater treatment
- Direct alcohol fuel cells for transportation applications
- Mediated electrochemical oxidation for environmental treatment
- Carbon dioxide mitigation by electrolytic approaches